Monday, November 24, 2014

I am back

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It's been a very long time not coming here, about 2 years and half ... and I missed it big time.

Now I moved to Oracle Systems (formerly Sun Microsystems) on a role support-programmer mixed, within RPE (Revenue Product Engineering) on the Extra Care team, with focus on Solaris, Engineered Systems with Solaris, ZFS Storage Appliance and Ops Center. I'm very happy since my job is closer to development, something was looking for since some years now.

A cycle closes, full of good experiences, learnings and miles!!! lots of miles, hotel nights, Engineered Systems installations and migrations!

Went up and down, all over the continent, helping customers to adopt Exadata, Exalytics and SuperCluster . Was a very exciting time, meeting very interesting people within Oracle and outside!

What's ahead of the road? since less travel will mean more time available, you may expect more new content here! fresh, maybe with different perspective now that I'm getting into the inner workings of Solaris/Linux and storage.

I'm very excited and looking forward to resume contributing a little to this huge sea of knowledge!!!

Stay tuned!

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