Friday, July 15, 2011

The Oracle Exadata: latest Business Weapon

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Sorry I’ve been having a lot of work installing, maintaining and migrating to Database Machines all over Latinamerica for the latest 10 months; that means lot of travels abroad, all of them very exciting, but the real excitement comes from my job working with this wonderful Machine.

Was on the last project when realized how important is this investment for our customers, having this big caribbean Telco installed their first Exadata and later migrated their databases meant for them dramatic performance improvements and the ability to get more up-to-date analytical information and compete better and more agile.

Of course the Database Machine fulfilled expectations when we achieved a processing reduction of 6x on their nightly batch processes, going from 8-9hrs processing time, down-to 1.5-2hrs processing time. What this means: now they’re able to increase the refreshing time of their analysis tools 12 times a day and on demand, instead of having latest information one day behind.

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