Sunday, July 13, 2008

Non tech post.... sunday!

I'm exhausted, today we had maintenance for a Peoplesoft database: boy, what a monster! lot of table moving and index rebuilds (were moved to another tablespaces), but if was faster than using export/import; did this same thing 2 years ago and it took 9 hours with exp/imp, now this baby has 6 times the size it had those days: 600Gb!!.
It required a 12 hour window, and fortunately all timings were accurately predicted, therefore we released the database on schedule...yes!!!

Tomorrow we will know if any of my proposals are accepted for Oracle Open World 2008 (crossing my fingers). San Francisco here we go!!!

Fortunately I've a couple of days off starting tomorrow, and you know? I'm going to rest a lot.

Have a nice week!


Ben Prusinski said...

Hola Ignacio,

I know what you mean about how time consuming and tricky maintenance can be for PeopleSoft databases! I once spent three days with zero sleep fixing a PeopleSoft security issue with Oracle. What a nightmare. Tuxedo was broken and the security was a pain to fix when the PeopleSoft security application hung.

Ben Prusinski

Ignacio Ruiz said...

Hola Ben,

Yeah, it's so wired that becoming a full-grown Peoplesoft DBA is a major acheivement.

Hope Peoplesoft get a major redesign in the future the meantime, pass the coffee cup!


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