Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Interview with a Pro: Dan Norris

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Today I will share with you a video interview, this section will be entitled: "Interview with a Pro", and it's aimed to all of you, IT professionals or not related to IT at all. We will present remarkable people, with notable activism for Oracle & IT, and high expertise level on their field.

This time, I'm glad to feature our interview with Dan Norris, he is a consultant (ESA Practice Manager actually) with Piocon, President of the Oracle RAC SIG, member of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) and a notable member of our IT community.

If you are unable to see this video on the embeded player (below), it's available from YouTube at this link Dan Norris Interview at Oracle Open World

I hope his knowledge and experiences would be useful for you.

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Bradd Piontek said...

You forgot to mention President of the Oracle RAC SIG :) I'm just saying.

Ignacio Ruiz said...

You're completely right! Dan is the recent elected President for Oracle RAC Special Interest Group: won with 80% of votes, on the election carried out last September.

I've updated all published info.

Thank you

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