Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oracle Exadata/Database Machine... nice to meet you

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During the last four or five weeks I've had the rare privilege of working with this amazing piece of engineering, the Oracle Database Machine.

Engaged during deployment of it, I've faced the setup steps on the SW side, applied upgrade patches & side-to-side with Oracle Sun engineers bringing this marvel to life... it's just exciting, watching all the slightly-bluish-green leds showing HD activity or admiring the most precise cabling I've ever seen... there is just one word: precision. I remember my first experience with an HP XP12000 SAN, five years ago, being not that exciting as this recent experience.

Few months ago, started my preparation taking a web seminar for Oracle Exadata, appeared to me quite revolutionary the way it works, had to admit that first perception quickly got surpassed once started working directly with this beauty.

A new paradigma is needed when working with Exadata, it's clear the tuning role will change, one (for instance) that may consider an index useless or even harmful.

Please stay with me on this exciting journey, I'll try to share my experience on this as much as I can. Thank you for your attention.

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