Friday, September 10, 2010

Oracle patchset released (and docs updated)

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***Sep 13th, Patchset has been released***

Today Oracle released latest patchset for Database Server 11g2: which packs some very interesting improvements and new features; for now, release covers Linux x86 and x86_64, with download measuring near 5Gb(!) .

Also updated all documents for release 11.2, in order to reflect improvements introduced by You can see on following picture a New Features addition
From now on you will see full distribution instead of a patchset (MyOracle Support Note 1189783.1 ), that's why seven ZIP files are listed for download. First two belong to database/RAC: p10098816_112020_{platform} and p10098816_112020_{platform}

If you're looking for Grid Infrastructure then you must download file p10098816_112020_{platform}

For client and gateways, download p10098816_112020_{platform} or p10098816_112020_{platform} files respectively.

You want to update Examples? then file p10098816_112020_{platform} contains what is needed.

Finally, you may want to de-install, then is needed file p10098816_112020_{platform}

See Oracle 11.2 documentation library


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