Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Awesome, Oracle enters the Hardware arena!!!

Yeeeesss,!!! Larry Elison is releasing right now at OOW2008, which is the first attempt to enter the hardware market, in partnership with HP, offering which is the greatest improvement on Database technology, with improvements on performance that range from 10x minimum, Exadata establish a milestone for Oracle and the IT Industry.
This product, which he labels as a "Database Machine", has been under development (secretly of course) for 3 years, and proposes adding inteligence to the storage and multipling the storage capacity.
Packed with Oracle software, up to 168Tb on disk storage, 64 CPU cores provided and assembled by Hewlett Packard; results are astonishing, with benchmarks showing improvements on performance by x28 and hardware space savings that may make a hot-sell product, maybe as hot as the iPod, all proportions.
After this great surprise, I think this OOW2008 has been a breakthrough, I franquly need to recover the breath...
For DBAs, Storage Managers and SysAdmins... there is another toy we must learn, and master.
Stay tunned, here at OOW2008, San Francisco.

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