Monday, September 22, 2008

Oracle New Releases at OOW2008

Charles Philips (President) and Chuck Rozwat (EVP Product Development) have released what seems the next evolution step for Collaboration Suite: Oracle Beehive, which promises to tackle the collaboration fragmentation problem, once and for all. What means for us DBAs? that me may administer in the future:
1) more infrastructure that today is serviced by Microsoft or Lotus products
2) more data growing into our storage infrastructure

Also announced the availavility of a new update for 11g, which is internally labeled as for Linux, with this Oracle continues improvement of their flagship product.

Low at the tech stack, they showed improvements to Oracle VM and their commitment to Linux. Must say Oracle is pushing hard with their VM offer, even with 'orthodox' meassures like no-certification for non Oracle VM solutions; we honestly expect to see that strategy difuse over time.

Stay tunned

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