Sunday, March 4, 2012

Book Review - iOS 5 Programming Cookbook

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You will write iOS apps in less than you think

Being a C/BASIC hardcore programmer for mobile devices in a past life, I enjoyed very much this book because it really helped me grasp quickly many basic and intermediate topics on iOS 5 Objective-C programming, would say after reading the full book I have all needed to program good basic applications; and even after getting practice and experience, guess I will eventually resort on this book as reference. In my opinion this book is awesome and a must for beginners and intermediates.

Honestly, I consider myself not very much fan to the Cookbook format, however this is one case where the author, Vandad Nahavandipoor, exploits it wonderfully to show and develop case after case of what you will face as an iOS programmer, both for iPad and iPhone! He misses nothing and includes good explanations and concise screenshots when needed.

Now, the table of contents covers almost everything is needed to develop any type of application: Location & Maps, Networking, Audio & Video, plus some “must-have” topics like Multitasking, Graphics & Animations or Core Motion. My favorite chapter is #2, because it provides the building blocks for GUI programming, including corresponding source code examples!

Something I would like to see is bluetooth or network programming basics, but maybe I'm overreaching and those are advanced topics, out of the scope if this book.

If you want to take a closer look go to the Product Page at O'Reilly website: iOS Programming Cookbook - Book I'm sure you will get interested!

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