Thursday, March 29, 2012

Performance Enlightening - Craig Effect (Tropa de Elite)

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During the past week I had the opportunity to assist both the Oracle Performance Firefighting and the 
Advanced Oracle Performance Analysis and only can say: awesome!!!
Craig Shallahamer is a great teacher and has a lot of resources to effectively share knowledge, even if 
the subject is complex like buffer cache structures or arid like the mathematical foundation required for 
perf analysis. That is not all, he provides valuable tips of the trade or anecdote nuggets, dipped on a 
very fresh and sometimes humorist perspective.
The result: we started searching for those AWRs and Statspack reports that were difficult to analyze, I even 
recalled some unsolved performance cases that stained my record; difference now, is we all have the 
analytical elements to properly handle these and new challenges.
Here a group picture of "The Elite Squad" (Tropa de Élite)
Tropa de Élite
Sao Paulo, Brazil / March 19th-23th 2012
 If you want to know more about these trainings or get more insight on Craig's methodologies and research, please click 
the image below (a new window will show up, you may need to allow this pop-up).
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